Daisychain 265 – Arianna Danae

Cranking the classic sound.

Name: Arianna Danae (@ariannadanae)
Pronouns: she/her
Location: Brooklyn, New York

Influences: My Armenian heritage, paired with the fact that a lot of my childhood and formative years was spent going to Suryoyo halfa’s. I would dance dabke with all of my extended family to a live singer and a small band of a synthesizer keyboardist and a derbake player, inspiring the natural percussive rhythm consistent in the music I resonate with.

Affiliations/Residencies/Projects: Flash, Rebelle

Favorite Quote:

“An intellectual says a simple thing in a hard way. An artist says a hard thing in a simple way.”

-Charles Bukowski

Advice for the DJs, producers and artists of our community: Don’t follow the trends, carve your own path and stay true to yourself! There’s not another in the universe that can be “you” better As Miles Davis said, “Don’t play what’s there; play what’s not there.”

With this mix Arianna Danae asks to please learn more about and consider donating to:

❁ Azerbaijan has deprived Armenians of Artsakh (renamed Nagorno-Karabakh) of their right to safety, security, mobility, medicine, heat & food by cruelly blocking access to the only road to Armenia + vital supplies in the middle of winter. Conditions are desperate. This genocidal treatment is nothing new. Artsakh will not be erased or replaced, please donate to the ACAA in support of Armenians and the Diaspora. (acaainc.org/artsakh/)

photo via Armenian Cultural Association of America

❁ The Marsha P. Johnson Institute (marshap.org/donate/)

image via marshap.org

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