5 Years of Daisychain

The start of the new year celebrated five years of Daisychain. That’s five years of mixes every single week from DJs and artists around the world.

With this little site space only launching now, and with it being nearly impossible to backlog posts for 263 mixes, you’ll see below the thank you flyers created for each year Daisychain has been running strong. Also links to the mixes from the 2023 releases to date!

Go explore Daisychain years passed and give them a listen. Share them with your friends, your loved ones, your pets. Revisit some favorites. And while you will always find the new release on Soundcloud each and every Tuesday, you can stop by here to find a little something extra. Something special.

2023 Mixes (so far)
Daisychain 263 – DJ Heaven
Daisychain 262 – Nada Fácil
Daisychain 261 – jenniferfauxxpez
Daisychain 260 – D. Tiffany
Daisychain 259 – Ron Like Hell

artwork by ~ Ryan Bunao aka NOLID
artwork by ~ Jess Hutchinson
artwork by ~ Alexis Curshé
artwork by ~ Lennon Dinda
artwork by ~ Tabasheer

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